For everyone who planned for a better 2020, we're saddened to say we've all experienced immense disappointment by this coronavirus pandemic. No one expected to see something like this on a worldwide scale in their lifetime. As we work through this strange time we must stick together and do what we can to support one another.

To the T Plumbing and Heating live-streamed with Jared Wignz, owner of Back to the Digital to share with the community how Nate and Megan Trail are caring for their neighbors as essential workers. While we're grateful to have work and supply our necessary service it is scary to consider the health risks and notably necessary that we take the required safety precautions for the health of our clients and our family. We are all dealing with some sort of dilemma as all essential workers are scared for their health, meanwhile those unemployed are scared about finances, all involved are concerned for the economic future. Plumbing and heating are essential, and unfortunately, our plumbing and heating needs won't wait for this pandemic to end. Therefore we want to be available to our clients to meet those needs. As a family-owned business and parents of three beautiful girls, it can be stressful and overwhelming to be out in the community and inside our client's homes.

To ensure everyone's safety we've taken necessary measures by requiring our office manager to screen all calls as they come in. Our over the phone screening process asks clients the following questions before the scheduled service:

1. Have you or anyone within the home traveled in the last fourteen days?

2. Are you or anyone in the home experiencing symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath?

3. Have you or anyone in the home been exposed to someone with the above symptoms?

4. We require that everyone within the home respect the 6-foot social distancing for their safety and the safety of our technicians.

As an essential service, we want to help care for and support the community during this unfamiliar time. Truly we are all in this together. So we have arranged to scale back pricing drastically. We want our clients to be equipped to care for their plumbing and heating needs without a tremendous financial burden. We're offering financing to those who apply and qualify and handling each client case by case. While our technicians are on-site and in our client's homes we ask that everyone in the home, stay within the 6 foot or more social distancing. Also, technicians are required to wear gloves and change their gloves, booties, and masks with all new supplies before they enter a new home. Gloves are no different than your skin, it's not enough to just protect our technicians with but also our clients and not carry germs from one home to the next. We thank everyone in the community as we continue to supply or service and support other small businesses. We must care for one another and consider those in financial difficulties as well as those experiencing the sting due to the loss of a loved one.

We wish you all the best health, from our family to yours!